About Bride of Christ... (Rosa LaRosa)

Christina O’Dea, a beautiful young nun and TV reporter for the Family of God Network, has been assigned to interview Jeremiah Epstein, a dashing Philadelphia artist and philanthropist, also known for his high profile "love them, leave them, and friend them" romances.

As five days of intensive interviews ensue, sparks fly between Sister Christina and the wealthy, community activist.

Christina is torn between her sacred vows to Christ, her spiritual groom, and her growing feelings for the suave Jeremiah, but she omits revealing to him her promise to God and Church–until too late.

Jeremiah is drawn to Christina’s fresh-scrubbed beauty, soft-spoken innocence, keen intellect, and steely core, but he is also puzzled by an undefinable and intriguing quality about her–a holding back of her innermost secrets–reminding him of his first love, the unattainable Inez...

Both Christina and Jeremiah harbor deep family secrets from their pasts that may impede their moving forward in their lives.

After five steamy days in Philadelphia and the Jersey Shore, what will Sister Christina ultimately choose: remaining a nun belonging to the Mystical Body of Christ order or creating a new life with Jeremiah?

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